New home: time to celebrate :)

Moving was stressful, but necessary.
On the plus side, it’s time for a house-warming party!

New home: time to celebrate :)

We loved our old house, we really did.

It’s the first place we moved into as a couple, the first we actually furnished ourselves. Most of all, it was the home in which we became a family, magically going from two to three. But then our little girl arrived. Suddenly, and just as magically, there were four of us. It was time to accept the truth: we’d overgrown our little house. It was time to move on.

So, both teary-eyed and a little excited, we set off to find a new one. If you’ve been through this step, you know how frustrating this can be. It took ages!

Yet, here it is—a few months later, we’re sitting in our new place. It’s still a little alien, of course. I have to pat the walls all over, before I find the light switches, for instance. But that’ll change: it’s still a house, now. Soon, it’ll be a home.

And what better occasion to hold a house-warming party? There’s something reassuring about seeing old friends in new places, isn’t there?

So here we are, some of our belongings still in boxes, waiting for the guests to arrive.

Yes, it’s still a bit messy (I don’t know how I’m going to sort out all our clothes!), but one thing’s for sure: the kitchen is ready for this fun dinner party. In fact, the kitchen was the first room we planned and furnished. Right now, as we chase the children around to try and get them dressed, I throw a grateful glance at the dishwasher.

Without it there’d be no party tonight, that’s for sure.

We chose an Indesit eXtraspace dishwasher. It’s sturdy, easy-to-use, and works amazingly! There’s enough space to wash dishes and cutlery for 14 people (which is lucky, because it’s going to be 12 of us, tonight!).

This little jewel has all the programs and options I need (ones I actually use, rather than the fancy-but-useless bells and whistles kind), including Start-Delay, ECO, Half-Load, Intense cycles, and a lot more. If you like, you can even remove the upper rack, and enjoy a whopping 53cm high washing cavity.

Anyway, we somehow managed to get the kids dressed, and I think I hear someone walking to the door. Time to get ready for the party!

Yes, this is already starting to feel like home.

You can find out more about Indesit’s eXtra line here.