Laundry: now as easy 1-2-3

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Laundry: now as easy 1-2-3

My wife is my hero. It’s true.

She has a full-time job, two children and a house she runs flawlessly. Sure, I help, but I miss the organising skills she has. At work, I’m comfortable planning and deciding. But when it comes to the house... I mostly ask my wife.

We share most of the tasks (if you have a family, you know there’s an endless list of things to do, every single day). But there are some only she can handle.

One of them is the laundry.

For some reason, I’m completely lost when it comes to handling the washing machine. I love DIY, I’m into fixing stuff and figuring out how things work. But washing machines? A complete mystery to me.

Or rather—they were. Now, we have a new one.

To make things easier for Wifey, I decided to find a new washing machine. A husband-proof one. It was high time we changed the old one, anyway.
After a bit of online Google-foo, I found . It was exactly what I was after.

Because here’s the Innex-style laundry process,
from start to finish:

Load it
Press a button.

That’s it. Literally.

No need to set a program every time you have to wash the laundry, no fiddling around with  dials or multiple buttons. And 45 minutes later, the laundry is perfectly clean.

It’s thanks to a clever system called Push&Go that even I can use.

Now, doing the laundry has become such a simple task, that our little ten-year-old son has started chipping in, too. He wants to help his mummy out as well (yes, he’s an angel).

Of course, our Indesit Innex washing machine has a lot of other programs and features (30 ° pesuohjelma, Anti-Odour cycle, an inverter motor and a lot more). I’m sure my significant other will be more than happy to explore them all. I’m perfectly happy with the Push&Go feature.

Mum has a little extra time, I’ve conquered my washing machine fears, and our son is contributing too. Everyone’s a winner!

You can find out more about Indesit’s Innex line here.