Need a New Oven?
We’re here to help you!

We are what we eat, right? So it makes sense to purchase an oven that provides the best cooking experience for our specific needs.

The choice of the right oven can be daunting. Let our handy oven buying guide help you make an informed purchase.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

1. Know your needs.
Oven or cooker?

What is the difference between an oven and a cooker? Simple: a cooker combines an oven and a hob (gas or electric).

They are always freestanding, rather than integrated. And an oven? Well, it’s exactly that: the oven itself, rather than a combination of oven and hob.

2. Gas or electric?

Electric ovens feature a wide variety of cooking options, such as pre-programmed heat settings for your recipes.

The heat distribution in gas ovens is excellent for moist, yet thoroughly cooked dishes, making them great for those hearty, special occasion roasts.

3. Pull out the tape measure!

Before purchasing your new oven, make sure you’ve sized up the available space. So, pull out the tape measure, and start jotting down numbers!
Make sure you take note of the width and depth of the oven you intent to purchase, and that it fits within the layout of your kitchen.
Also, don’t forget to measure all the doors and passages your new appliance will have to pass through, in order to get to the kitchen... you don’t want receive it, only to find out that it’s too large to fit!
Single ovens are the perfect choice for most families. They provide all the space you need for your day-to-day cooking and are easy to fit in your kitchen, even if space availability is limited.
Double ovens are exactly that: two separate ovens, combined. As such, they offer great versatility and a lot of extra space to cook. If you’re into organising dinner parties, or have a particularly large family, this might be the right option for you.

4. Pick a colour!

Colour is a key element for creating a décor that fits your personal style
Household appliances come in a variety of colours, including white, black and stainless steel, among others. These are versatile colours, and can easily complement your existing colour scheme. Remember: you might want to add a bit of contrast—by picking a white oven, if your overall colour scheme is dark, for instance.
It’s a matter a taste. Consider the various options you have, and pick the one that will fit in the best. You and your family will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so make it lovely!

5. Consider the self-cleaning options

Yes, ovens can actually clean themselves! If this is a feature you’re interested in, here’s a quick overview of the main self-cleaning systems: Catalytic and Pyrolytic.


Catalytic ovens contain special liners that are designed to absorb grease. When running a catalytic oven's self-cleaning function, the oven is heated to very high temperatures. During this procedure, excess grease and grime is softened or burned off. Once the cleaning cycle is over, you can remove them easily with a cloth.


With pyrolytic ovens, during the self-cleaning cycle, the oven cavity reaches extremely high temperatures.

The amount of heat generated is capable of turning escess fat, dirt or stains into ash. After that, wiping the ash away is easy as pie!

6. Pick your perks

Like most home appliances, modern ovens come packed with useful features to help you unleash your inner chef.
Here’s a selection functions Indesit ovens have to offer.


One motion, 80 delicious recipes.

Indesit’s new Turn&Cook function: simply turn the dial on your oven, and set it to automatically cook one of 80 delicious recipes, in just one hour.

Your favourite dishes are just a simple motion away!

Freasy Cook

From frozen to cooked in no time!

Freasy Cook allows you to cook frozen meals, in less time. This feature is disegned to provide excellent cooking results, even without pre-heating your oven.

So you can simply pop your frozen meal in the oven and get cooking!

Pizza function

Perfect pizza!
With the pizza function, the heat and time settings of your Indesit oven are automatically set, so you can enjoy delicious, crispy pizza any time!

But there’s more: you can use the Pizza function to heat and prepare bread and other baked recipes, too.