The Best Cooker For Your Kitchen?
Here’s a guide to help you choose!

Cookers are a great option for smaller kitchens. As standalone appliances combining a hob with one or more ovens, they are extremely versatile.

When purchasing a new cooker, there are a few things to bear in mind, to help you choose the best one for you. Let this useful buying guide help you make an informed purchase!

1. Think about fuel types

Cookers come in three different fuel types: gas, electric and dual fuel.

Gas cookers

Gas cookers allow immediate, precision cooking. Easily control the flame under the pan to get the heat levels you want for your recipe. Stir fries and pan cooking are particularly easy, with gas cookers.
Remember: you’ll need a certified professional to safely install a gas cooker.

Electric cookers

Electric cookers are often quick to heat up and easy to install.

Three common options when it comes to electric hobs are solid plate, glass ceramic and induction.

Solid plate

Solid plate hobs are an affordable, time-tested option, and allow for a good amount of control when cooking.

Cookers with solid plate hobs generally feature four or more round electric coils, that heat up, in turn heating up the pot or pan.

Glass ceramic

Eye-catching and minimalistic, glass ceramic hobs feature elegant, flat glass ceramic surfaces. Beneath them, a series of coiled metal heating elements transfer the heat to the various cooking zones, which in turn heat up the pot or pan.
Their flat surface makes them extra-easy to clean, and, being electric, they often feature intuitive touch-control panels.

Induction hobs

Induction hobs rely upon innovative technology, using electromagnetic fields to heat up the pan, rather than the hob itself. By doing so, the surface of your hob will remain at room temperature even while cooking, making them extra-safe and a great option if you have children in the house.
Their modern touch-control systems, fast heating adjustment and appealing design are all key features of induction hobs.

Dual fuel

Dual fuel cookers bring together the perks of both gas and electric cookers.

They usually feature gas hobs and electric ovens, so you can enjoy the benefits of precise, immediate gas cooking with the advantages of a versatile electric oven.

2. Pull out the tape measure!

Before purchasing your new cooker, make sure you’ve sized up the available space. So, pull out the tape measure, and start jotting down numbers!

Remember: we suggest adding an extra 5mm around the appliance to ease ventilation, as well as preventing overheating.

Oh, and don’t forget to measure the width of the doors and other passageways in your house! You wouldn’t want to receive your shiny new appliance, only to discover it can’t get through the front door!

3. Pick your perks

Like most home appliances, modern cookers offer useful features to help you unleash your inner chef.

Here’s a selection of functions Indesit cookers have to offer.


Cook delicious dishes effortlessly!
Multichef offers a number of unique cooking methods, helping you prepare mouthwatering dishes easily.
From a hearty roast to pizza to garlic bread, and everything in between, Multichef has you covered. Enjoy!

Easy Cleaning

Clean effortlessly.
Indesit’s Easy Cleaning design allows you to quickly, safely and easily remove the glass front panel from your cooker, so cleaning it will always be a breeze.