Aria cooking suite

Performance and design in perfect harmony

Great results on over 80 everyday recipes in just one turn!
Great results on over 80 everyday recipes in just one turn!

Simplify your daily cooking with Turn&Cook, a clever function that automatically sets the cooking time and oven temperature for more than 80 everyday recipes. Plus, there’s no need to worry about over-cooking, as the oven will automatically turn itself off when the programme is finished.

Lit up inside

No need to open the door for checking your food: thanks to internal lighting everything is clear and under control.

More room for your recipes

71 l for extraordinary and simultaneous cooking thanks to XXLCapacity: increased size of the dripping pan and maxi flexibility.


Indesit has been the first to create a patented system to easily remove and clean the glass internal door. A quick and simple operation in just 2 steps. Without using tools.

Bigger grill, better results

Uniform grilling thanks to FullSurfaceGrill: improved design for a complete surface covering.


Thanks to the special system that doubles the microwave emission, the new Aria microwaves is not just a fast ally, it can be also your most precious asset in the kitchen: every cooked result are ensured like in traditional ovens.

*Double waves emission

PlateCover, simply functional

With Plate Cover you can reheat two dishes at the same time, saving twice the time and without mixing flavours. Moreover, it can be used for reheating a single dish to preserve its softness and prevent splattering.


In total accordance with the latest housing trends, the new induction hobs are functional, safe and perfect solutions to fit any contemporary kitchen thanks to their sleek design, flexibility and energy saving performance.

DualZone: great versatility for increased possibilities

This adaptable cooking zone allows you to choose whether to place two pots on two separate cooking areas, or use a single large area to easily cook also with big pots and pans such as fish kettles.

MaxiCook: one area, multiple cooking

MaxiCook technology allows you to merge multiple cooking areas into a single one. Therefore, a single cooking zone can be used with different pots of various sizes, adapting the heat to the actual size of the pot.

Fast and easy cleaning

Thanks to the smooth surface, you can easily wipe the cooktop clean by using just a wet sponge, with no risk.

Safety first: no contact with flame

The heating element starts to work only when it detects pots with stainless steel bottom, leaving the rest of the surface at a safe cold temperature. An high-quality security system ensures safety when children are around.


Indesit gas hobs are synonymous with maximum reliability and great cooking results. They are designed to provide even heat distribution and uniform cooking, always with rapidity and reduced energy consumption.

A perfect harmony

Knobs are aligned with oven and microwave for a shared harmony of design and performance.

HighPower Flame

The new generation double crown burner that, thanks to increased flame distribution, provides direct heat and enhanced power efficiency, thus reaching boiling temperature more quickly.

Functionality meets safety

The design of the hobs has been improved to offer a flat inset surface made of a single and jointless unit that facilitates cleaning also in case of accidental food or liquid spill on the surface.


Indesit offers a wide range of hoods, not only designed to bring you just efficiency, but also style and harmony, either built with stainless steel or glass, and matching the Cooking Suite Aria appliances selection.

Style and features

Indesit offers a range of hoods designed to satisfy all needs and to suit all demands, with an eye to comfort and design aesthetics.

Triple the power

The new hoods have 3 different adjustable speeds, equivalent to different engine power levels, that will allow you to adapt the performance each time according to your needs.

Click&Clean function

Removing the aluminium grease filters can be done in a few simple steps, allowing them to be easily cleaned in a dishwasher and be easily put back with a click.

A brighter atmosphere

Frontal lighting is designed to improve visibility, allowing light to diffuse evenly and directly in all directions.